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Anti-Ageing Hair Care

Like any wear and tear, sleeping on cotton pillowcases and frequent night time movement can cause hair to suffer and become damaged, brittle (with breakage to weak hair strands) and tangled. Children’s hair, especially if long, thick, curly or textured, experience tangles and matting, creating a bed head that is often difficult for parents to brush and sore and traumatic for kids to endure.

Sleeping on a Proudess pillowcase removes this problem and offers a silky, satin smooth nesting place for your hair – not to mention additional benefits for your skin. An easy anti-ageing hair (and skin) solution that will restore hair to its former glory whilst protecting it nightly.

We do everything to prevent ageing.

Drink more water, apply sun block, take vitamins. We work out to keep our bodies healthy, eat healthy, take sea moss…the list goes on & on.

But what about when it comes to our hair? We spend hundreds of thousands over time on bleaching, tonging, styling, changing colours and sleeping on very drying cotton. All of which is very damaging, and then we spend even more money on expensive products trying to repair that damage!

Change the narrative.

Start to think of anti ageing hair care. Preserving your natural goodness, and not just listening to the patriarchy that some product will magically repair damage over a lifetime. Look at the generations above you, the change in the hair quality, have you noticed that not one product has managed to save the hair’s natural goodness? Thats because the knowledge and education was not there before.

PROUDESS is here to share this information with you. We have been working hard to create amazing reusable products that will make a lasting difference. Invest in your hair health. Stop the capitalist drive in making us spend because we feel bad about ourselves.

Nicole has been actively working with clients hair for 30 years. Our mission is to change how we care for our hair. Begin now. You’re never too young to start protecting your hair. Help your kids in tackling knots and tangles which make morning’s stressful.

If you have good hair and don’t see the point think again and start to preserve it.